Referencia: 621102-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPJMO-CHAIR

Investigadora principal: Loreto Corredoira y Alfonso

The aim of this chair is to underline the value of the history and management of the European Audiovisual Heritage in the context of the transformations in the Digital Single Market. To achieve this commitment, the teaching activity of the chair is considered to be fundamental: it will be materialized in specialized postgraduate courses at the Complutense University of Madrid to which members and doctoral students belong; but it will also have a European and Latin American projection since the chair has the support of similar centers in these areas.

It is also our aim to raise the awareness of younger generations by means of meetings and activities with Senior year high school teachers. Another activity is to train those who will be responsible for collections or archives which do not yet have historical significance but which will become part of the audiovisual “memory” of all.

The postgraduate teaching activity will be centered on the Master Program Audiovisual Heritage. History, Restoration and Management, the website of which is: This is the only official Master Program in Audiovisual Heritage in Spanish which specializes in Television, Cinema and Photography. It is focused on (for institutions or doctorates), with later employment possibilities in the audiovisual sector.

The research carried out by members of this chair will be linked to the Doctoral Program in Audiovisual Communication. The proposed Chair holder, (Loreto Corredoira), is a member of the Scientific Committee of this program and is in charge of the research line “Economic and social management of communication and cultural industries”,

Our aim – by means of courses and teaching activities (some already running and others of recent creation) is to examine in greater depth the three areas of study outlined in Part D:

A. The transformation of the market: old media on new supports

B. Knowledge and dissemination of the History of Audiovisuals (especially cinema and television).

C. The management of rights in the Digital Single Market.